Hello I'm Audrey and welcome to my FAQ! I sometimes answer questions about mental health and life. Here I have listed common questions I receive. Please skim the questions on this page to avoid asking me repeat questions. Thank u ^-^

Please remember that my advice is based only on my own experiences and what helped me personally, and it may or may not work for you! Also, some of the advice that I gave in the past sometimes I don't fully agree with anymore. My advice only reflects the things I've learned up until that point in that time. I learn new things every day!

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Why are you called "cute hospital"?
Ironically I picked the username before I went to the hospital. I was inspired by the KOKOkim menhera apparel line. Then I ended up in the hospital in late 2015 so it was a funny coincidence. I thought it was fitting bc I like cute things and also dark / sad themes.

Why did you end up in the hospital? Are you okay?
I had a low heart rate because of my eating disorder, which I have since recovered from, but I was in and out of the hospital frequently from late 2015 to early 2018. I have a history of depression and am an abuse survivor as well. But after A LOT of healing work, I am so much better now and have done a lot of healing; I continue to heal and get stronger every day!

What's your personal Twitter? Can I follow it?
It is @dreamyhospital but since I started getting harassed by online stalkers, I only accept follow requests from friends. I'm sorry >_<

Who can join your Discord server? Is there an age limit? What about time zones?
It's open to everyone. There is no age or time zone restriction! We have people of all ages and from all over the world. For a lot of reasons, we have secured the Discord. It is still open to the public, but we will be making it invite-only and screen members before they can join. DM me!

What do you do in your Discord server?
It was meant to be an emotional support / mental health server but we actually just talk about everything. We are like a small family! We do lots of things together (like movie or video game nights or self-care days!) :')

What is your gender?
I identify as nonbinary. I prefer they/them pronouns but I am ok with she/her.

Do you like girls?
Yes, I identify as panromantic / demisexual and am attracted to people regardless of gender.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by these artists, designers, and/or models: Brand-new idol society, Aya Takano, Yudori, Mari Verdugo, MILKBBI, Asano Inio, Allison Harvard, Yurie Sekiya, Mikio Sakabe (and many others!)
Persona 3 Portable and Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak are my two most influential games. My favourite anime are Serial Experiments Lain, Mawaru Penguindrum, and Ojamajo Doremi. I am inspired by other video games and anime that I grew up with.
I am also inspired by genuine emotion, honest experiences, dreamy moments with people I love (my friends and family), and nature!

What music do you like?
I like A LOT of different genres of music but right now I listen to mostly anti-idol music, viet pop, house, future funk, and VGM. My favourite music artist is Brand-new idol society and my favourite song is DiE.

What are you interested in besides art?
♡ Designer fashion! I hope to run my own designer clothing brand someday.
♡ I like clubbing, rhythm games, karaoke, etc. I like Chunithm, Dancerush, and Pop'n Music.
♡ I play video games, watch anime and read manga a lot. I also like BL.
♡ I like tarot and astrology too. I'm not religious but very spiritual. I spend a lot of time looking at self-help and spirituality research bc it is very healing.

Is there something I can do about my depression if I can't afford professional help?
Of course! The sad thing about the health care system (at least in America) is that it is extremely expensive, and people lose hope bc they can't afford it and go into medical debt just trying to stay alive. But it is important to not lose hope. Personally I believe that everyone is capable of healing without professional help. Therapy by itself won't cure you; true healing comes from within. Don't get me wrong, I believe therapy is extremely valuable and helped me immensely especially in the beginning of my healing journey, but the things that helped me heal the most I did by myself. Do research online, watch YouTube videos (I highly recommend Nu Mindframe), and read self-help books to learn more about yourself and how to solve your issues! I made a list HERE of self-help resources that were helpful for me personally so you can start by looking into those. Make sure you are smart about the information you're consuming though, some if it won't work for you. I spend a lot of time looking at spiritual and self-help twitter for things that I can relate to and tweets that gives insight and advice about my problems. It is extremely helpful. It also helps to talk to friends who are also devoted to self-improvement and healing, because you can process things and learn things together.
However, if your safety is a concern, you NEED to seek therapy or other professional help. There are scholarships you can apply for and ways to get the help you need that are more affordable. I wish I knew ways to get professional help that are affordable, but with a little research you should be able to find some. You don't need to pay for meds and doctors forever; once you become more stable you can help yourself heal.

Do you have any advice for getting a job with no experience?
Yes! I'll try to keep this short lol ...
♡ Put everything that could be relevant on your resume, but keep it to one page front/back. You might have to remove things that aren't relevant to the job you're applying for -- this means you might have different resumes for different jobs.
♡ This sounds like weird advice, but it's ok to embellish things you did to make it sound better than it actually was. I used to highlight and embellish specific things I did that weren't that big of a deal at one job, because it would look good for the new job.
♡ If you have no job experience, list volunteer experience.
♡ Paid or not, I recommend doing something related to what job you want to get in the future, if you have an idea of what you want already.
♡ Even if your experience isn't relevant, you can find a way to make it relevant during the interview. It's all about how you frame it.
♡ This is the most important: APPLY IN BULK. The more places you apply to, the more likely you will get calls back. Don't rely on one place. Just keep applying and eventually you will get something.
♡ During the job interview, don't treat it super formally! Have confidence in yourself. Be friendly and be yourself.

Did you go to architecture school? What did you do there? What software did you learn?
Yes, I am an architecture major at UC Berkeley. I learned how to design and render buildings in Rhino. My school did not teach me AutoCAD or Revit but I learned some of that in the workplace.

Do you have plans to release more artwork, comics, or merch?
Yes, I have a lot of plans! I want to do a lot of things, including art, comics, and merch, but also lots of other things!

Do you take commissions?
Yes. I have a commissions page HERE. You can just DM or email me!

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